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3D Laser Scanning performed by Vision Engineering & Consultancy SRL

Vision Engineering & Consultancy uses the 3D Z+F IMAGER® 5016 laser scanner. This equipment combines compact and lightweight design with state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology. It is equipped with an integrated HDR camera, internal lighting system and GPS positioning system. 3D laser scanning digitization ensures a digitally accurate copy of the heritage built and helps architects and specialists in to restore historical monuments with very good precision. This digital copy of the heritage built contributes to the preservation and protection of the national heritage, and at the same time, can be transmitted to future generations, in the most precise way.  More details at: www.vision-ec.ro

Consulting by Duopart Consulting SRL

The experience and professionalism of the DUOPART CONSULTING SRL team is certified in the numerous heritage building rehabilitation projects by accessing European Funds. Consulting services for accessing European Funds, as well as project management carried out with full involvement and professionalism, select Duopart Consulting SRL as a reliable partner and a perfect choice for successful projects.

church ocnele mari

The Church "Adormirea Maicii Domnului" was built in the first half of the 16th century, according to tradition, by Radu from Afumati (1522-1523; 1524-1529), the brave ruler who fought no less than twenty wars and defeated the Turks in several times. Until the outbreak of the First World War, there was seen as another house in the area in the form of an "Oltenian Cule", which the locals attributed to the ruler.

The church dedicated to Mother of Jesus is built in the form of a cross, with facades crossed by a single row of narrow entrances. This architectural style is specific to the era of the ruler Matei Basarab. Local tradition says that the ruler who built the church built in its wall an icon of the Jesus Mother .

navigation through 3D LASER SCANNING




Ocnele Mari, Street Nicolae Bălcescu 4-6, 245900 GPS lat:45.086479 long:24.294556 satellites:8 height:309.1m


Date: 21 September 2020; Processing with: Z + F LaserControl; Equipment: Z+F IMAGER 5016-0100; Barometer: 0.991018 bar 186.75 m


Master scan position: 1. Scanning positions used for registration: 92. First scan on: 21.9.2020 11:39::06 last scan on: 22.9.2020 15:26:24 Time: 1zi 3ore 47min 18sec

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The Z + F IMAGER® 5016 laser scanner combines compact and lightweight design with state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology with an integrated HDR camera, internal lighting system and GPS positioning system.

drona mavic 2 pro_clipped_rev_1

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